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More Success Stories From Our Happy Customers

  • avatar David Emanuel, United Kingdom [A middle aged middle-of-the-pack marathoner who noticed instant results]

    “I used Hornet Juice® for the first time last night. I wasn't expecting instant results... but duly completed a regular six-mile circuit in my QUICKEST TIME this year! And it was my second run of day!"

  • avatar Brett Blankner, Triathlete Coach & Podcaster of Zentriathlon, USA [We gave Brett samples of Hornet Juice to try after he made fun of the Hornet Juice name in his earlier podcast. Below is a snippet from his later podcast]

    "Hornet Juice... this stuff is so awesome! So I was going for bike rides... and then a brick run right after it. And I feel like not having done anything. Sixty four miles on the bike at 18.2 miles per hour and then running four and a quarter miles, had a just over 9 minutes mile pace and you know I think that's like two weeks in a row, it's insane, absolutely insane, but ah, the real kicker is, you know, I thought I was done, i just had plenty of energy you know..."

  • Renee Wheat, Australia [This newbie runner emailed us reporting of an awesome 10k PR of 45:39!]

    "… I used Hornet Juice before I race. It has now become part of my pre-race routine and I can’t imagine not taking it.

    I had a PB of 45:39 for the 10km. I only started running 10 months ago so my progress has been quick. I would say that I have more energy using HJ and like I said before I won’t race without it.”

Grab a Hornet Juice® Starter Pack Today For Only $25

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