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Ordinary Athletes With Extraordinary Results

  • avatar Renee Wheat, Australia This newbie runner emailed us reporting of an awesome 10k PR of 45:39!

    "… I used Hornet Juice before I race. It has now become part of my pre-race routine and I can’t imagine not taking it.

    I had a PB of 45:39 for the 10km. I only started running 10 months ago so my progress has been quick. I would say that I have more energy using HJ and like I said before I won’t race without it.”

  • avatar Robert Firestine, CA, USA This Californian mountain biker lowered his body fat & had more energy when climbing hills.

    "After using Hornet Juice, I had lost five pounds and got down to 6.6% body fat. My largest previous post-ride weight loss was 3 pounds, and I’ve never measured less than 8% body fat until today!

    That proves to me that, with Hornet Juice, I’m burning more fat for energy, of which I had plenty today! The bonus is that I will weigh less and less as I climb higher and higher, with no significant loss of energy!

    I now know why you offer a money-back promise. Thank you!”.

  • David Emmanual, UK This middle-aged, middle-of-the-road runner got great & instant results with his first try!

    "My initial order arrived yesterday & I used Hornet Juice for the first time last night.

    I wasn’t expecting instant results… but duly completed a regular 6-mile circuit in my quickest time this year.
    And it was my second run of the day! Hardly scientific proof, but it’s certainly encouraged me to continue using it…I’ll be submitting another order shortly!

    I’m a middle-aged (47), middle-of-the-road club runner, racing pretty regularly at various distances but starting to focus more on the marathon, as it’s the only distance where I’m still improving my PB.

    I ran 3:05 at London this year & have dared to start thinking about setting out to break the 3-hour barrier. Here’s hoping that Hornet Juice will help me find those precious five minutes!"

Hornet Juice At A Quick Glance

  1. Hornet Juice® is an amino acid powdered mix that you simply add to water or sports drink.
  2. Take HJ before, during and after exercise, to give you increased energy, endurance and improved recovery time.
  3. The unique combo of amino acids in HJ works by tapping into your fat reserves first before glycogen. Using fat for fuel instead of glycogen allows your body to sustain longer periods of strain without losing energy.
  4. The ingredients in HJ are not only 100% legal if you’re worried about drug tests for athletic competitions… they’re also 100% safe. It consists of 17 naturally-made amino acids that your body already produces.
  5. Give HJ a shot and if you don’t increase your athletic performance in WHATEVER sport you do… whether that’s a marathon, triathlon, or just a weekend workout… you don’t have to pay a cent.

Sign Up To Get Your Hornet Juice® Trial Pack Today & Boost Your Endurance, Energy & Speed in 2014.

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