Hornet Juice is a unique sports drink that takes a scientific approach to increasing athletic endurance and energy. It was discovered following extensive research into the nutrient system used by giant hornets, which have amazing endurance and can fly 50 miles a day.

Giant hornets known as Vespa Mandarina with bodies no bigger than 5cm can fly 50 miles in a single day at 20 miles per hour. This would be the equivalent of a human running over two full marathons. It takes only 4-5 of these hornets to kill more than 10,000 honeybees.

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The secret of their remarkable stamina is the nutrient liquid produced by hornet larvae, which the adult feeds on.

The Secret of the Hornet’s Endurance and Stamina
Here’s how the hornet’s nutrient process works:
1) Adult hornets fly 50 miles in one day at 20mph in search of food for their young grubs (larvae). Unlike bees who feed on pollen, hornets feed on small insects.

2) Once they catch their prey the adult hornets chew the small insects into a ‘meatball’. They carry their feed (which adds another gram to their weight) back to their nest where their larvae wait.

3) Because adult hornets have constricted trunks (as thin as a piece of string), they can’t eat their catch. Instead, the hornets feed these ‘meatballs’ to their young larvae.

4) Then, in a new twist on nursing, the young larvae in return ‘feed’ their parent. They regurgitate a clear liquid, which the adult hornet feeds on.

This liquid or “hornet juice” is the source of the hornet’s strength that gives them their remarkable energy. Researchers broke down this liquid secretion from the larvae into a combination of 17 amino acids. Hornet Juice, the sports drink, is a scientific replication of this.