Following is a suggested guide for using Hornet Juice during a long training session on the bike.

Use Hornet Juice in your training along with your current sports nutrition plan to find out the combination and timing that works best for you.

First up, it is useful to know where you get energy from. Your body has two primary sources of energy – glycogen and fat.

Glycogen is easily burned in a short period of time and serves as a source of stamina in events that require a burst of energy.

The disadvantage with this is the limited amount of glycogen reserves your body has. Your stores of glycogen are not sufficient to provide energy during exercise of long duration.

Conversely, fat is stored in abundance by the body, although it is generally difficult to convert into energy, requiring large amounts of oxygen to do so.

Hornet Juice works by quickly converting your body fat into a supply of energy during exercise.

Next, it is important that you understand the difference between Hornet Juice and regular sports nutrition products.

Most sports nutrition products function as a fuel. They replace energy that has been lost through exercise by replenishing the body’s glycogen stores. This is principally done by eating and/or drinking high carbohydrate foods, gels, bars and drinks.

Hornet Juice works differently, not as a fuel, but acting as a trigger for the oxidation of fat. Hornet Juice helps your body metabolize its store of fat for energy, thereby preserving your glycogen stores.

Hornet Juice does not replace your existing sports nutrition program, but works to complement it. This means that on a long bike ride you should continue to consume high carbohydrate and electrolyte replacement drink and food, in addition to Hornet Juice. You will find that by combining Hornet Juice with your regular sports nutrition that you will experience a huge boost in your endurance levels.

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  • Ensure you are well hydrated before you start your training session and continue to remain hydrated throughout your workout.
  • Mix one 15 gram serving of Hornet Juice with water, juice or your regular sports drink and consume up to an hour before you start your workout.
  • Have a high carbohydrate breakfast before your workout to ensure your body’s glycogen levels are topped up.
  • You might also consider carbohydrate loading in the week leading up to your training session or event. You can read more on carbo loading here
  • Mix another serving of Hornet Juice with your regular sports drink in each of the bottles that you will take on your bike. Continue to sip this as you would normally do your regular sports drink.
  • Continue to eat high carbohydrate foods throughout your workout (eg: sports gels, energy bars, fruit etc).
  • If you stop to refill your bottles along the way with either water or your normal sports drink then you could also add another serving of Hornet Juice to each bottle.
  • As a guide, for a 4 hour bike ride you could expect to consume three servings of Hornet Juice, one taken up to an hour before you start, plus another two throughout the ride. For every extra one and a half hours on the bike you could consume another serving.
  • Remember that the above is offered as a guide only. All athletes are different, therefore you should experiment during training as to the quantity and frequency that maximizes your athletic endurance.