Mix one 15g packet of the Hornet Juice powder with 250 ml / 8.5 fl.oz of water, juice, or your favorite electrolyte/sports drink. There is no problem if you choose to mix it with more or less fluid.
Drink the mixed Hornet Juice anywhere between 0 and 45 minutes before the start of your physical exercise (whether it is training or competition).

Where possible, avoid mixing Hornet Juice with protein drinks as this will reduce its effectiveness. However, a small amount of protein should not cause any problems.

It is preferable to take Hornet Juice on an empty stomach (2 – 4 hours after your last meal), however, if you normally like to eat before a workout or competition then it is still ok to consume a light meal of carbohydrates with Hornet Juice.

For physical activity of long duration (marathonIronmanlong cycle) take another packet of Hornet Juice for every hour and a half of exercise.

One packet of Hornet Juice after the completion of your physical activity will aid recovery.
Hornet Juice is not a replacement for your existing sports nutrition (carbohydrate) and hydration replacement programs, but should be used in conjunction with them.

You still need to replace lost electrolytes and glycogen by eating carbohydrates, sports gels and drinking fluids (water and sports drinks) during prolonged exercise.

Hornet Juice greatly aids your body’s fuel process by promoting the burning of fat for energy and preserving your glycogen stores, however, for optimum performance in endurance sports you need to follow a regular fluid and nutrition replacement program.

Once mixed Hornet Juice should keep for 24 hours if refrigerated.

Store packets of Hornet Juice at room temperature away from direct sunlight.

There are few hard and fast rules for taking Hornet Juice. Feel free to experiment with how you take it during training, so come race day there are no surprises. As athletes we are all different. What can work best for one athlete under one set of conditions may not be optimum for another athlete/time/condition.

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