Following is an outline of how I fuel myself using Hornet Juice and other sports nutrition products for a half ironman triathlon.

This is what seems to work well for me (a competitive age-grouper with a half ironman PB of 4:28).

It is important that you remember that as athletes (and humans) we are all different and some things that work well for some may not be so good on others…therefore experimentation during training is key.

As I’ve said this is my plan, which does not automatically mean that it will work for you, but it may provide a useful guide that you can refine over time.

  • Carbo loading the week before with lots of fluids.
  • Ensure I am well hydrated before the race start.
  • Three hours before the race start I eat a high carbohydrate breakfast (toast, cereal etc). (I am currently experimenting with not eating before a workout to see if my performance improves. More)
  • I make sure I have been to the bathroom as many times as necessary (at least once is absolutely critical).
  • One serving of Hornet Juice 30 – 60 minutes before the swim start. I take this withwater, but sometimes a high carb sports drink.
  • On my bike I have another two/three serves of Hornet Juice mixed with carb/electrolyte sports drink (two/three bottles of this) plus water (depending on temperature and aid stations).
  • I would aim to take a carb gel every 20 minutes on the bike.
  • When I transition for the run I may have a quick squirt of drink (Hornet Juice and carb sports drink) and take 2 or 3 gels with me which I take in the first half of the run.
  • I also drink at every aid station making sure I don’t stop and run through them.
  • After my race I will take another serving of Hornet Juice as this will greatly aid my recovery.
  • The key with the pre and in-race nutrition is to be well fuelled but not too much so you are bloated and/or have an upset stomach.

I’m sure if your half ironman nutrition plan is similar to the above then you should safely eliminate “hydration and nutrition risk” from your race, meaning your performance will come back to the quantity and quality of your training and being able to get it all together on the day.

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