I’m not a very fast runner but I used to be a pretty good sprinter. Then I ran a half-marathon on a whim last year and was hooked. However after 3 half-marathons my times were getting progessively worse–in May I ran a half-marathon in 2:11 (I had to stop and walk at 18km) and said ‘this hurts too much there’s got to be a better way’. So I scoured the internet, read about Hornet Juice and decided to give it a try. I also picked up a 12 week training program and took Hornet Juice on my long runs of 90 minutes or more. Well in August for my first half-marathon on Hornet Juice in blistering hot conditions I dropped my time to 2:03, and proceeded to drop below 2 hours (1:59) in my hometown of Montreal a month later! And that included a nature call and fixing a friend’s wardrobe malfunction 🙂
So did I feel stronger during my workouts? Yes. Did it boost my endurance? Absolutely. And most of all it boosted my confidence. No wall, no feeling I can’t do this any more, just allowed me to get into that race pace rhythm and go. I’ve now even have my sights on a marathon for next year!
Thanks Hornet Juice!
Andrew Sakamoto
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
(Pictures at end of my first half-marathon on Hornet Juice–everyone fading around me–me powering through the finish!)