“I am a 46-year-old distance runner who has been running and competing continually on the track and roads for 33 years. I’ve been using Hornet Juice before my hard workouts (about every other day) during the past two months (November and December). Normally my training during the cold winter months is mostly of the aerobic, base-building nature. I can’t believe some of the workouts I am cranking out day after day on my treadmill. My pulse stays quite low during the runs even though I am pushing the pace, and I have no hint of aches or pains after the workouts. I am probably in the best shape I’ve ever been in this time of year. Also, while many people around me at work and church are coming down with colds and flu, I haven’t even experienced a sniffle yet. This is just as important to me as being able to train harder. I’ve tried many performance supplements over the years. Some help, while many don’t do much for me. Hornet Juice is definitely making a positive difference.”
Bryan Eder
Williston, ND, USA