“Well I can say this for sure, it seems to me that every time I use Hornet Juice has been on only long runs of 5 or more miles. I have noticed, since I am an avid heart rate monitor runner, that my heart rate doesn’t seem to jump up as high as fast. I have been training for a marathon and it is nice to get toward the hard part of the run and realize that I have a little extra juice for the ending sprint home to grab some water and stretch out in the air conditioning. Being a certified strength and conditioning coach I am very picky with the things that I put in my body and things that I suggest to people that I train. Hornet Juice doesn’t make me jumpy or nervous like some of the other energy drinks that I have used. I really do recommend the product!! If I could afford to drink it every time I trained I would definitely make it a daily ritual!”
Colby Giudicessi C.S.C.S
Denver, CO, USA