…my initial order arrived yesterday & I used HJ for
the first time last night. I wasn’t expecting instant results…but duly
completed a regular six-mile circuit in my quickest time this year. And it
was my second run of the day! Hardly scientific proof, but it’s certainly
encouraged me to continue using it…I’ll be submitting another order
You’ll have gathered that running is my thing…I’m a middle-aged (47),
middle-of-the-road club runner, racing pretty regularly at various distances
but starting to focus more on the marathon, as it’s the only distance where
I’m still improving my PB (although that may now change, of course!). I ran
3:05 at London this year & have dared to start thinking about setting out to
break the 3-hour barrier in 2012. Here’s hoping that Hornet Juice will help
me find those precious five minutes! I’ll keep you posted…
David Emanuel