“When I used the packets I did get an overall sense of well being. I was completing an outside project of setting up a fence. Well, I had to dig 7 holes for posts 4 feet deep each before the frost set in and froze the ground. I did 2 holes a night 3 days straight and finally set the fence up in 1 saturday afternoon. Span of fence was 50 feet, six eight feet length by six feet high panels each weighing about 150lbs. Posts were 4×4 10 feet lengths. Anyway, after all said and done my body did not seem to need a long period of rest between digging holes, carrying panels, holding panels and leveling the entire span. Rest assured you will be seeing a follow up order for more of this stuff. The taste is also very good! Anyway it seems Hornet Juice works energy and endurancewise! I also gave some to my son. My son had run his cross country practice 1 mile and a half at 12 minute 30 sec. After giving my son a packet the morning of his meet he ran 1 mile and 1/2 in 10 minutes 30 sec and had come in 12th position out of 104 runners. These kids are 7th graders and the weird thing was watching my son at the end pass many people and bolt for the finish. Immediately after the race I asked my son how he felt. His answer was he felt like he had a lot more energy. Thanks!”
James Marinelli
Lake Hiawatha, NJ, USA