“I decided to try Hornet Juice to see if it could help me take the next step forward in my running. I trained an average of 70 miles a week during the summer and am doing about 60 miles a week now that races have started and ‘hard’ workouts are more frequent. I first noticed the effects of Hornet Juice when we did an interval workout on a Monday evening and then did a long run the morning after. I took Hornet Juice before both of those runs and to my surprise, on the long morning run I felt great. Normally I would’ve had a hard time keeping up, but I was pleased to find myself with the leaders and running comfortably with only a few miles left to go. I’ve also lost a few pounds, which I had unsuccessfully tried to do for the last 8 months, but with Hornet Juice it only took about two weeks. I’m very pleased with the results of incorporating Hornet Juice into my training.”
Jin Daikoku
Tucson, AZ, USA