“I just ran a marathon and beat my last time by 23 minutes and lowered my average heart rate by 10bpm. I felt stronger but still beat my goal time by 10 minutes and cracked the 4 hour barrier I’ve been hoping for. I never felt I wasn’t going to finish strong and ran my last mile under 8 minutes. Although my legs were tired from the effort I felt better than I did 6 months ago after a 10k race. What was also amazing was that after the finish, I didn’t feel hungry. I’ve trained with Hornet Juice for just over 3 weeks now and I have to credit the improvement over that time to Hornet Juice. I mixed two packages and drank it just before the start of the race, and had my daughter waiting with another bottle with two packages at the half way point which I sipped until the end. My friends commented on how fresh I looked at the end. I think you’re getting 6 – 12 new customers because they want to look the way I did at the end.”
John Hildebrandt
Calgary, AB Canada