I have been using your Hornet Juice to train for the BMO 1/2 Marathon that took place this past Sunday (May 1). Wow!!!! What a miracle supplement & it helped me to finish.
I started cramping up on the long incline (200′) up to Prospect Point in Stanley Park (Vancouver, BC Canada) & became very worried as to being able to complete the next 10 k’s.
I stopped at a water station mixed up a packet of Hornet juice with gatorade, stretched some & away I went! The cramping in my calf muscle eased & all downhill from there.
My energy levels were incredible as upon crossing the finish line I was not the least bit tired or fatigued.
I have seen a movie clip of me flying to the finish line & I look so relaxed & loose almost unbelievable!! This was my first 1/2 Marathon & not my last! Would you believe I am
65 years old & slightly disabled too? I am on a knee replacement surgical waiting list as I need 2 new knees (runner of 27 years). I must wear 2 custom-made knee braces called
“Unloaders” which are heavy at 4-5 pounds just to run. Even so, I was not tired at all & as fresh as when I started. What a product your Hornet Juice is & I most definately
recommend it to anyone who wants increased stamina & endurance. I have only one suggestion & that is to tweak the packaging. Your packet needs an easy to open tear strip.
I had mine precut & carried in a baggie in my bra with a little stir stick! it worked but my suggestion would have this product review 110%.