Run4tv_bionic_runner The Bionic Runner is a non-impact training bicycle for runners. Its the first non-impact closed kinetic chain exercise to match the feeling and intensity of running.
Bionic Running lets you train hard from day one to rapidly reach your peak potential, by limiting the amount of actual running you need to do. You can still perform advanced training techniques like resistance, overspeed, intervals, threshold and fartlek training. By transferring high risk training activities to our bike, when you do run, you can focus on improving the economy of your running gait.
The Bionic Runner feels like running because unlike other non-impact cross trainers it has 60:40 swing verses stance phase timing. So its the ideal way to pre-train your body for increased miles before you actually run them. You’ll build strength and endurance and avoid overtraining. Combine it into your running program to arrive at events in peak condition.