Hornet Juice Starter Pack

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How Would You Like To Improve Your Athletic Performance In A Week’s Time For Only $12?
TriEndurance.com’s Triathlon Coach Jared Berg tried our Hornet Juice Starter Pack and had this to say:
Tri coach Jared Berg rates Hornet Juice” I used Hornet Juice on a workout that was really worthy of the cause. I did a 4hr30min mtn bike ride followed by a 20min run. 
… I felt great from beginning to end of the ride and was able to run about 6min/miles off the bike.  I am sure the Hornet Juice had a pretty big impact on this workout.  I am looking forward to trying out the product in a few days at my next race – a 1/2 IM here in Boulder, CO.

Jared Berg – TriEndurance.com
Level 1 Certified Coach – Head Triathlete Coach

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Order our Starter Pack for only $12 (shipping is free) and receive four servings of Hornet Juice powdered sports drink (plus our information booklet)
Hornet Juice Starter Pack
This Starter Pack is good for 4 training sessions (one packet mixed with water taken 0 – 45 minutes before your workout).
We recommend you use them within a week’s time (just so you’ll know sooner if Hornet Juice works for you).
If you don’t notice any improvement in your training, then email us within 30 days for FULL REFUND….no questions asked! That’s how confident we are about our product!
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