Hornet Juice Testimonials. Our Customers Share Their Buzz.

We love our HJ customers. So sometimes we’d rather let them do the talking for us. No fake testimonials here! After all, not only are we in the business of building endurance, but also of building trust to our customers. We put our hand in our hearts and are proud to say that all these testimonials are 100% real from 100% genuine users who emailed us and were happy to share their HJ experience.

“I find that when I use Hornet Juice I do not need anything else to keep me going.”

“I have been using Horne Juice since 2012. I am an over 55 yo mountain bike rider and Hang Glider pilot. When using Hornet Juice on my mountain bike rides, I have measured my uphill performance over a 7 kilometre uphill ride with reduced time greater than 7 minutes as compared to no Hornet Juice. I even have energy left over a the top of the hill to do toe jumps.
Inland Hang Gliding is a tough endurance sport. Flying for several hours in a prone position (laying down with head up) is a high energy sport requiring concentration and sustained energy. The effort required to fly a glider inland is very similar to riding a mountain bike. I use Hornet Juice when flying my hang glider on long distance inland flights. My only source of sustenance when in the air is via my camelback. I mix Hornet Juice with my water supply and use that throughout my flight. When I did my 6.5 hour 254 klm long distance flight across New South Wales (Australia) on 12/12/2012, I prepared myself by drinking one dose of Hornet Juice about an hour before and mixed another dose in my 1.5 litre water bag. Throughout the course of my 6 hour flight I drank that mix. During the flight I go through temperatures from 40 degree C to 5 degree C and vary in height from 500 ft to 10,000 ft. I find that when I use Hornet Juice I do not need anything else to keep me going. After that long flight I still had energy to do a few chin ups and then drove the retrieve car back to base (5 hours drive) as my crew were too tired and worn out!”

– Allan McMillan, NSW, Australia


“I finished my 11 mile run feeling tired but not totally wiped out”

“I used Hornet Juice for the first time in my life about 3 years ago when, at the age of 49, I signed up to complete my first Half Marathon. I was terrified! I did not know if my body could actually run 13.1 miles!
I had read about Athens and Sydney Olympics and Hornet Juice’s amazing ability to help a person’s endurance increase while exercising over long durations of time. I wondered if at my age, it would be helpful to me in completing my very first Half Marathon. I used Hornet Juice while training for my Half Marathon and began noticing that my body was actually responding positively to the drink. I would drink 8 oz at the start of my 11 mile run, and then at the 8 mile mark, I would drink another 8 oz. I finished my 11 mile run feeling tired but not totally wiped out and without any energy at all! I was amazed that Hornet Juice could help me so much!
Well, I finished my very first Half Marathon with a time of 2:14:17 at the age of 49 years old!
Since then, I have gone on to complete 1 duathlon, and 8 Triathlons!
In 2012, and 2013 I became a ranked US National Triathlete (Age Group 50-54)!
This summer, in June of 2014, I will be testing myself again to see if I can actually complete a Half Ironman (Boise, Idaho) at the age of 53! I will be using Hornet Juice all the way!”

– Paul Kelly, UT, United States


“It was my 6th half-marathon, and I PR’d it by 5 minutes.”

“It was my 6th half-marathon, and I PR’d it by 5 minutes. And I’m obviously older than ever. The last 3 miles were the best. Big Hornet Juice fan.”
– Michael Tworzydlo, Texas, USA


“I was able to run longer without fatigue and required fewer calories while I was out running.”

“I spent a lot of time last year training for my first 100 mile race. Using Hornet Juice gave me a marked improvement in my endurance. I was able to run longer without fatigue and required fewer calories while I was out running. HJ mixes well with my electrolyte drink and was an easy way to make a 35 hour race a little more manageable. It will definitely be a part of my endurance training going forward.”
– Philip Burnett, Utah, USA


“Hornet Juice was actually a great factor that helped me complete my toughest race yet”

“I have been running Spartan Races for 3 years now and I am currently training to run competitively this year 2014. I am also a Certified Spartan Group X Coach and run a training program that gets individuals Spartan Race ready. I came across Hornet juice while doing some research for natural energy fuel in order to get through the toughest Spartan Races. I actually ran and successfully completed my first Spartan Ultra Beast this past September which consisted of 29+ miles and 70+ obstacles. Hornet Juice was actually a great factor that helped me complete my toughest race yet…which is why I placed another order because I’ll definitely be using it again for all of my Spartan Races. ”
– Jonathan Aragon, New Jersey, USA


“I was able to run longer without fatigue and required fewer calories while I was out running.”

“My husband and I are marathoners and we both find it does “something” that helps us to stay focused during our long runs and more intense workouts. On our long runs, we usually take it somewhere between 12 and 14 miles and it allows us to put our heads down and get the 20+ miles done with confidence. Another interesting side effect is that we find we are not nearly as ravenous as we were after these long runs.
Magical stuff – just the smelling it tells our bodies it’s time to run!”
– Diane and Rick Knowles


“Beat My Personal Time & Won A Medal!”

“I am a keen runner and I am doing my 2nd marathon in Edinburgh in May, I ordered a pack of 4 and have just put in another order. I do feel the Hornet Juice has helped. I have felt stronger on runs and been doing hill work more which I don’t normally but have felt I had more energy.
I think it works best early morning before eating. I did a 15-mile run last week and didnt feel too bad and could have kept going, so for now i think it does work and will use it for the marathon”.

– Jackie Robertson, Runner Tayside, United Kingdom


“Long Runs Over 3 Hours & Finish Strongly.”

“I have been using Hornet Juice before my training sessions that are preparing me to run in the Great Ocean road marathon in Victoria, Australia on May 20. I have noticed an improvement in my endurance in my speed training and my long runs.
I have been able to push my long runs out over 3 hours and finish strongly, which has also aided in my recovery for my next session. The true test will be on May 20 when I line up for the 45 kilometres of pain that is the Great Ocean road marathon where I will be attempting to run under 3 hrs for the marathon distance and then finish the full 45 km strongly.”

– Steve Van Rooyen, Marathoner, Australia


“I Can Run Without A Sharp Sugar Drop.”

“I have used Hornet Juice several times now it has another benefit that isn’t even mentioned if you have insulin-dependent diabetes…which I do. I am a long-distance runner and without Hornet Juice, unless my blood sugar is very high before I run. I always end up with low blood sugar near the beginning of a race which slows me down for two reasons: because there is always the zone when you aren’t sure whether you’re low or tired and because you then have to fight with gel packs while everyone else is still going strong.

With Hornet Juice, my blood sugar can start at a fairly normal level and it stays there for an extended length of time! Knowing you can run without worrying about a sharp drop is a huge advantage. And I do notice energy bursts too. Great stuff Hornet Juice…”

– Tina Amiri, Diabetic Runner, Ontario, Canada


“Steps Up My Aerobic Capacity.”

“I am a big believer in Hornet Juice as I have used it enough times to know that it consistently gives me more energy and allows me to put our more effort in my crossfit and triathlon workouts.
I have used creatine and many other supplements and Hornet Juice steps up my aerobic capacity like no other product.”

– Steve Dohring, Triathlete, FL, USA


“I Am 65yo & Slightly Disabled But…”

“I have been using your Hornet Juice to train for the BMO Half Marathon that took place this past Sunday. Wow!!! What a miracle supplement & it helped me to finish.
I stopped at a water station mixed up a packet of Hornet juice with Gatorade, stretched some & away I went! The cramping in my calf muscle eased & all downhill from there. My energy levels were incredible as upon crossing the finish line I was not the least bit tired or fatigued.
I have seen a movie clip of me flying to the finish line & I look so relaxed & loose almost unbelievable!! This was my first Half Marathon & not my last! Would you believe I am 65 years old & slightly disabled too? I am on a knee replacement surgical waiting list as I need 2 new knees (runner of 27 years). I must wear 2 custom-made knee braces called “Unloaders” which are heavy at 4-5 pounds just to run. Even so, I was not tired at all & as fresh as when I started.
What a product your Hornet Juice is & I most definitely recommend it to anyone who wants increased stamina & endurance. I have only one suggestion & that is to tweak the packaging. Your packet needs an easy to open tear strip. I had mine precut & carried in a baggie in my bra with a little stir stick!”
– Lee Turner, 65yo Runner, Vancouver, Canada


“My Pulse Stays Low During My Runs…”

(Note: Bryan didn’t get to send a photo when he sent his testimonial, but what an awesome feedback from this 46yo runner.)
“I am a 46-year-old distance runner who has been running and competing continually on the track and roads for 33 years. I’ve been using Hornet Juice before my hard workouts (about every other day) during the past two months (November and December).
Normally my training during the cold winter months is mostly of the aerobic, base-building nature. I can’t believe some of the workouts I am cranking out day after day on my treadmill. My pulse stays quite low during the runs even though I am pushing the pace, and I have no hint of aches or pains after the workouts. I am probably in the best shape I’ve ever been in this time of year.
Also, while many people around me at work and church are coming down with colds and flu, I haven’t even experienced a sniffle yet. This is just as important to me as being able to train harder. I’ve tried many performance supplements over the years. Some help, while many don’t do much for me. Hornet Juice is definitely making a positive difference.”
– Bryan Eder, Runner, Williston, North Dakota, USA


“I Feel Stronger Than Before…”

“Hornet Juice is quite effective for endurance cycling and I feel stronger than before on hilly cycling for few weeks.”

– Lawrence Chung, Cyclist & Runner, Hongkong


“I Wasn’t Expecting Instant Results, But…”

“My initial order arrived yesterday & I used HJ for the first time last night. I wasn’t expecting instant results… but duly completed a regular six-mile circuit in my quickest time this year. And it was my second run of the day! Hardly scientific proof, but it’s certainly encouraged me to continue using it.
You’ll have gathered that running is my thing… I’m a middle-aged (47), middle-of-the-road club runner, racing pretty regularly at various distances but starting to focus more on the marathon, as it’s the only distance where I’m still improving my PB.
I ran 3:05 at London this year & have dared to start thinking about setting out to break the 3-hour barrier in 2012. Here’s hoping that Hornet Juice will help me find those precious five minutes! I’ll keep you posted…”

– David Emanuel, Marathoner, United Kingdom


“I Can Hold On For Hours Longer On Deep Snow & Cliffs…”

(Note: Thomas didn’t send a photo when he sent his testimonial, but this Wyoming snowboarder definitely loves his “juice”!)
“Hello there! Yes the Hornet Juice sports drink is great!! I turn more and more of my friends on to it everyday!!! We do a lot of snowboard and rock climb stuff out here in Jackson Wyoming and the sports packets come in handy when you are out in the hills all day.
Definitely feel less of the pump and can hold on for hours longer on both the deep snow and the cliffs. thanks a lot. Hornet Juice really does “keep the juices flow’in” thanks for the Hornet Juice.”

– Thomas Gatehouse, Snowboarder, Wyoming, USA


“I Noticed Effects After 20 Minutes…”

“I tested Hornet Juice for the first time before an aerobics class noticed effects after 20mins. Lasted 2 hours. This was a trial test for the London Marathon which I ran on Hornet Juice 1 sachet before run 2 during a 4 hour marathon. I was impressed. Certainly noticed a difference in performance and will be using again.”
– Sarah Sweeting, Runner, United Kingdom

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“I Completed The Race An Hour Ahead!”

“I had my first 50 mile ultra marathon this weekend and kept myself hydrated with your product for the duration. I felt alert and energised throughout and managed to complete the event an hour ahead of my planned time. I’ll be placing another order before the next race!”

– Jeni Lewthwaite, Ultramarathoner, United Kingdom


“I Ran A 4:13, A Dream Run For Me!”

“Quick note to say thanks. I’m 44 and just finished the Canberra Marathon. I was hoping for a sub-5 marathon, with 4 H 30 M my ‘besttime’ target. I ran 4 H13 M, a dream run for me!
Took 1 sachet 15 min prior to start, another at 2 hours. Also plenty of gels and sports drink. I felt fresh the whole way and know that Hornet Juice had a part to play in this. I am spreading the word (keep and eye on the Two Gomers Run A Marathon podcast). Thanks again!”

– Richard Everson, Runner, Canberra, Australia


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