Thanks for your interest in forming a mutually profitable business relationship. Here’s why you should be selling Hornet Juice:

  • Innovative product that produces amazing results.
  • No direct competitors in the sports nutrition market. Hornet Juice is not just another “carbohydrate replacement” but a scientific formula that acts as a trigger for the oxidation of fat to provide a long-lasting source of energy.
  • Because Hornet Juice is not a replacement for existing sports nutrition, but a complement, it will not replace sales of other sports nutrition products.
  • Wide market appeal. Anyone participating in any sport or general fitness activity can be considered a potential customer.
  • Hornet Juice is not just for marathon runners and Ironman triathletes.
  • Increased athletic performance means repeat business and credible referral marketing.
  • Reliable and flexible supplier that can work with you to build your business.
  • Prompt and friendly technical and customer support.
  • Excellent customer satisfaction and product demand with insignificant customer returns.
  • Substantial margins.
  • Readily available inventory.

Hornet Juice Wholesale Pricing

Serving Quantity US$/serve Discount
on RRP of $2.50
Total Product
Air Freight
Sea Freight
Total With
450 $1.25 50% $562 $87 $649
900 $1.20 52% $1,080 $146 $1,226
1,350 $1.10 56% $1,485 $233 $1,718
1,800 $1.00 60% $1,800 $292 $2,092
4,500 $0.90 64% $4,050 $600 $4,050
9,000 $0.80 68% $7,200 $600 $7,200
13,500 $0.70 72% $9,450 $600 $9,450
20,000 $0.60 76% $12,000 $600 $12,000
  • Minimum wholesale order is 450 servings.
  • Recommended retail price is US$2.50 per serving.
  • Air freight has been quoted for 450 to 1800 servings, which should arrive within 10 working days.
  • Sea freight is based on a minimum of 1 cubic metre.
  • Wholesale buyers are welcome to make their own shipping arrangements.
  • Point of sale brochures and retail display packaging are available on request.
  • Buyers are responsible for compliance with their own import and customs regulations. The relevant regulations would be those governing the import of Dietary Supplements containing amino acids.
  • The above prices are indicative only. While every effort will be made to adhere to them, cost factors beyond our control may cause them to change.
  • Payment can be made by credit card, PayPal or telegraphic transfer.
  • To apply to become a Hornet Juice Distributor click here
  • Please contact us with any queries.

If you do not want to take delivery of a large quantity of Hornet Juice, but would prefer us to ship single orders direct to your customers, then the Hornet Juice Drop Ship Program will be better suited to you.

The Hornet Juice Drop Ship Program means that you do not need to hold any stock, but you still receive a wholesale price, providing you with a healthy margin when you sell Hornet Juice to your customers.

For more information on the Hornet Juice Drop Ship Program please click here